Bridge the Guest Experience Gap: How to Adapt Your Hotel’s Offerings to Meet Guest’s Expectations

Thursday, September 27th, 2018

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Guest experience is key to brand loyalty. A meaningful guest experience connects hotels with travelers throughout their journey by adding significant value and benefits to the relationship.

In conjunction with StayNTouch and Travel Tripper, we’ve conducted an extensive study on hoteliers worldwide to gain a comprehensive understanding of guest experience trends and their current adoption within the industry. In this webinar, we’ll reveal our insights and key takeaways from the study to help hoteliers improve their guest-driven decisions and get a better understanding of where the market stands.

Join the webinar to learn:

  • Which methods of communication lead to stronger guest satisfaction
  • The different ways hoteliers can take advantage of mobile technology 
  • How to capture and utilize guest data to improve the guest experience
  • The reasons why guest experience impacts all areas of a hotelier’s business

..and more!

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Learn from these experts:

Luke Terheyden
Solution Architect
at Hotelchamp
Luke is working with the product team to identify the best use of the Hotelchamp technology through experimentation and development. His background extends into e-commerce and website optimization, with experience in increasing website conversion rates for several large hotel groups in Europe and Asia.
Katharina Sickora
Marketing Director
at TrustYou
Katharina Sickora is overseeing communication, content, and product marketing at TrustYou on a global level. She is an expert in the field of reputation management and review marketing and know's the in's and out's of leveraging guest feedback. Katharina looks back on a decade of working in the tourism and hospitality industry where she gained various perspectives on what it needs to offer a unique guest experience.
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