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The Power to Listen - and Profit!

Power More Direct Bookings With Guest Review Marketing

May 27th, 2021 | 11:00 CET


The Power to Communicate

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Win more direct bookings by effectively marketing guest reviews on your hotel website. With so many changes in the industry, guest review marketing is one of the most trusted ways of addressing current issues, highlighting what sets you apart and ensuring peace of mind.

In this webinar, TrustYou and Profitroom will look at how to collect, market, and monitor your guest reviews to drive results.
  • Ensure an attractive, seamless, and convincing booking process
  • Analyze and compare guest review data with competitors’
  • Collect and market your guest reviews and profit

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Radka Telyckova
Director of TrustYou Authorized Sellers EMEA

Radka has been managing the team of TrustYou Authorized Sellers in EMEA since 2017 and is an active Authorized Seller in Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2013, with over 100 hotels in the portfolio. 15+ years of experience in the hospitality industry gives Radka expertise in several areas of hospitality marketing focusing on mastering revenue with a direct booking approach and online reputation. Besides TrustYou, I am co-managing a hotel consulting company with a proven record of achieving revenue targets. Innovative enjoys initiating new & creative ideas and subsequently implementing changes and new systems, which have been successful in generating better results. Very good understanding of revenue, and channel management, PMS, and CRM integration. Expert in reputation management for small, middle-sized properties and local chains.

The established speaker in the hospitality industry with strong presentation skills. Absolute service mentality, creativity, ability to work in a team. Working with a positive attitude, supportive team spirit, being able to motivate the customer, clients, and the team in a very natural way.
Angelene Bungay
Global Partnerships Manager - Profitroom

Angelene Bungay is a hospitality distribution technology specialist and currently holds the senior management position of Global Partnerships Manager at Profitroom. She is a highly respected industry speaker and has contributed to live events, webinars, industry discussions, and panels. With a history of international success in driving revenue growth across a wide range of accommodation types, Angelene understands the importance of the right tech stack for your hotel can have on profitability.

A hotel management graduate with several years of hotel and restaurant experience she is able to relate to all of the pain points and challenges professionals such as General Managers and Revenues face on a day-to-day basis. She is passionate about helping hoteliers maximize and grow their revenue and is an advocate for personalized, automated, and integrated third-party applications that help to optimize the guest booking journey. At Profitroom Angelene leads on advising the right technology needed to encourage hoteliers around the world to think outside the box and develop their own USP’s in their market. A self-confessed travel addict it is most fitting that Angelene leads on the expansion of partnerships globally.
Rachel Dowling
VP of Product
Lorena Lopez Lebon
Product Manager for Messaging and Survey
Alice Meier
Senior Product Manager Data Products
Mariana Vasquez
Product Manager for Team Productivity
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